Training and Enrichment from LECFamily

Are you looking for a way to help your church live into God's call to be an intergenerational community? LECFamily can provide training, workshops and enrichment opportunities for your church's staff, volunteers, or parents to help you take the next step toward becoming a church for all ages.

Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs, context and audience. No two churches are the same, so every workshop and training session will be different depending on your goals for the session(s). To get started, though, here are a few programs we already offer to be tailored to your church:

Reclaiming the Intergenerational Church

Primarily intended for church leadership, this session looks at the history of the church and our intergenerational heritage. Participants will consider where we came from, where we are now, and how we got from point A - a very intergenerational church - to point B - a church divided into siloed ministries where generations seldom cross paths. How do we begin to reclaim our intergenerational identity in a 21st century context?

Keeping the Faith

We all know that many teenagers – even some of the most active – disappear from churches as soon as they go to college. There are lots of discussions out there about how to get them back into our churches, but we must also consider how to create churches they don’t want to abandon. This workshop will examine how intergenerational ministry is a major part of the answer to helping young adults “keep the faith.” We’ll look at how we got here and then you’ll have the opportunity to outline some practical steps to apply in your church context and help move your church from multi-generational to inter-generational. 

Home is Church, Too!

Primarily intended for parents, this workshop explores the WHY and the WHAT of family faith formation. Parents are the most influential individuals in their kids' lives in all aspects - including faith. In this workshop, parents will hear WHY it's so important that they are involved in their children's faith formation and consider themselves the primary disciplers of their kids. They'll also be given some practical ideas to take home and implement immediately with their families. 

Empowering Family Faith Formation

This session is intended for those who lead children's and family ministries - pastors, staff, and volunteers. Unfortunately, parents no longer see themselves as the primary disciplers of their children. However, they still have the most influence on their kids' lifelong faith formation. How do we as a church and ministry give parents the education, resources and empowerment they need to confidently take on the role of discipler? This workshop will focus on ways to help set up families to participate in faith formation together and enhance the spiritual development of both parents and kids.

A Generational Primer

For the first time in history, we have five generations in our communities at the same time. Like society at large, our churches are feeling the impact of clashing generational tensions in real ways. How do we move forward without leaving anyone behind? How do we honor and reach all generations both inside and out of our churches while still preaching the ancient and relevant gospel of Jesus Christ? First, we must help them understand one another! This workshop will explore the four main generations in our churches - their perspectives, strengths, weaknesses - and look at how we can help them better work together as we seek to further the Kingdom as a community.

Grace Across Generations

Each generation is different. Each generation's life experiences give it a different cultural context and perspective on life, faith and the world. In order to bridge those divides, it's important that we learn how to effectively communicate across generations. This workshop provides concrete guidelines, ideas and skills to help generations communicate effectively, confidently and - yes! - peacefully. Instead of trudging through conflict in decision making, why not learn how to communicate efficiently so that all perspectives are heard and acknowledged, strengths are identified and progress is made? (This workshop is most effective with a multi-generational group but can be taught to more homogeneous groups if needed.)

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Rates are variable based on participant numbers, church size and travel costs.